Ever met a Moriah? Well if you don’t know one, you better go find one! She is the most adorable, loving, smart, and hilarious girl to be around! If you’re hurting, she will be there for you in an instant. Her chocolate eyes and hair match perfectly with her sweet personality (hehe. See what I did there?) she will never hurt you, and if she does, you’re the one who’s taking what she said the wrong way. She will constantly make stupid jokes but everyone loves her for it. But never get on her bad side... I REPEAT! NEVER GET ON HER BAD SIDE! Other then that, she’s the best person in the world and my best friend! LOVE YOU GIRL!
Moriah? Yeah! She’s that beautiful, precious girl over there! If you hurt her, I hurt you...
by DONKEYSPIDDLE! December 15, 2020
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A very astonishing woman! They are aware that they are rare. Hard to handle but more than worth it! Loyal, out spoken, fun, dangerous, exciting and unpredictable. They are highly addictive.
That girl is astonishing! She must be a Moriah!
by Martha's Mom December 19, 2016
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Amazing Person ! She is more than a friend , you two might have gotten through some tough times , but in the end your still friends ! If you have a-friend named MORIAH YOUR TRULEY LUCKY . For she is Loyal , Trustful , and Helpful . Boi would I like to be friends with a Moriah ( I am )
Moriah is amazing !
by A person who has a friend November 22, 2019
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A very nice person, she won't do anything mean to anyone unless they are really being rude to her or her friends. If you become her friend she will never stab you in the back, she will stay by your side through the good and bad.
moriah is such a kind person, im glad to be her friend
by UGH Jax November 20, 2018
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Moriah is a hot chick. She is very funny, loud and friendly. She is the girl every guy loves. She has a gorgeous bootie and knows how to work it! She is an awesome lover and is very passionate. Moriah has many friends and is an amazing sexy person.
by Quintin L May 8, 2015
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One of the most amazing girls you will ever meet in your life, unlike any other girl in the world. Moriah's are smart, sweet, sensitive, funny, good listeners, and INCREDIBLY romantic. Moriah's also have gorgeous ghetto booties and know how to work it! They're very sentimental and LOVE things from their childhood like Disney movies and Power Rangers! Moriah's are also secretly AMAZING lovers and great girlfriends, they are independent, sexy and absolutely gorgeous. When they love you it's forever and when they make love you will never forget it.
"Woah, dude did you see that Moriah walk by?"

"Dayyuum dude, I would hit that like HIROSHIMA!"

"I think I'm in love with Moriah"

"Dude, you better go for it, cause if you don't, I will...in fact I challenge you to a fight to the death, in the Thunderdome!"
by Dead End Lover February 4, 2010
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Moriah is one of the best people you can know, She's super sweet, fun, unpredictable, smart, loyal, and super beautiful. She may be a bit shy, but when you get to know her, she'll open up a lot more and share, she also is good with humor and with being serious at the right times. she's also very loyal and always stays by your side, she's very accountable and definitely worth getting to know!
Dang, I'm so glad Moriah's my friend, she's so sweet and fire! I love this girl <3
by heybaya August 23, 2021
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