BBS, an abreviation of Bulletin Board System now more commonly known as Forums. BBS are usually found on the Internet but Network based BBS are often used by large businesses.
Check the BBS regulary.
by BloodiedFangs March 04, 2005
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God, Frankie is always bringing BB's around, we're trying to get gurped here!
by DT's August 02, 2009
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Jane Doe: Omg, I just ate the most spicy food ever...
John Doe: Shit! Really? Did you let it out?
Jane Doe: Yea and I had BBS for a week!!!
John Doe: Yum
by Wooooo Child! February 21, 2011
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"Hey Justin? Want to have BBS in your bed right now?"
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by ranchtub August 28, 2017
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Birth by Sleep: a companion Kingdom Hearts game that takes place after the events of the Keyblade War and sets in motion Kingdom Hearts 1. three students were summoned to take part in the Mark of Mastery, a test that will determine who is worthy of becoming a Keyblade Master. those three were then scattered throughout the game. each character having a different ending.
dude have you played BBS yet?

Nope. i never liked the game anyways
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by Roxyboy13 November 07, 2018
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