A term used by black slaves during the slavery era. "Massa" is another word for saying "master". It became a trend on TikTok during a certain period. It was funny until non-black persons starting using the term.
"Massa I have some news for you"
"Pick me massa" - tiktok trend
by jaylen2005 February 14, 2021
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1) A ghetto way to say "Master"
2) Accompanied by Yessa in the front, the appropriate way to say yes to an adult
Teacher: Get on the floor bitch!
Student: Yessa Massa!
by Thomas Hersh February 4, 2004
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Katie: BAD! You can't do that.
Ben: Oh yessa massa, please don't hurt me. ;)
by Katie June 10, 2004
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A foolish or incompetent person

(London / SE Britain c. 2010)
by Luke Mauser April 10, 2014
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Massa is a beautiful amazing girl who always wants the best for people around her and is so well rounded. She will give you snuggles and cuddles until you go numb and has the best smile in the universe that never fails to brighten up your day. If you ever come across a wild Massa never let her go as she is so precious and deserves nothing short of the world. Also she is so bubbly and friendly and funny and you would he so lucky if you were ever friends with her as it would be the best time of your life. She is drop dead gorgeous in every single way and is so cute when she looks at you. I would never change anything about Massa as she is wonderful.
Woah there goes Massa, she's so nice !
by I.dont.care.what.they.say September 19, 2020
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