Abbreviation for 'Be A Mutha Puaka Every Day', made famous by motorcycle crew Mutha Puaka.
"Man, when I'm stuck I always ask myself WWJD - What Would Jesus Do?"
"Yo, FTS man - Fuck That Shit. BAMPED!"
by Marley Davidson September 24, 2019
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intransitive verb from bamp - smelly, minging, dirty faced, torn clothing. basically a minger.

Often used to describe a Devon-based person who is extremely fond of sheep.
Danny is a Bamping
He's often seen a tramping
His mother doesnae ken his fither
And she certainly widnae want tae
by Christina February 17, 2004
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A sleazeball who thinks he has conned me but though he pretends to be my friend I know I am better as I have been researching for much longer than him and I am the original and alway have been and always will be and he's really getting my hackles up and if he's not careful I shall set my LOVELY WIFE on him!
Danny, the pratt in the wooly hat.
by Mark February 22, 2004
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Getting in trouble, locked up in jail/prison.
Anan$i: "Yo you heard from Jet lately?"
Trill: "Yo you ain't hear? He got bamped."
Anan$i: "Say you swear?"
Trill: "On God. B&E. 12 picked him up at the crib."
by Anan$i March 21, 2017
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Someone who loves listening to music, wears a lot of hats and play Destiny 2 a lot. Pretty chill dude, ngl
Me: Hey Bamp how's it going?
Bamp: *Finger guns* hey!
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