fuck this shit

used online and such when you are hating whats going on at the moment
fts, i can't believe she grounded me for being only a 1/2hr late!
by shutup and type April 13, 2005
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Online acronym for โ€œfuck that shit!โ€
Parrywinkle69: My friend lielu thinks your cute :)
PooDawg: The one who broke my chair sitting down?
Parrywinkle69: Yeah....
PooDawg: FTS
Parrywinkle69: :(
by Kevin KB June 23, 2006
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"For The Streak"

A snapchat that you send once a day to each contact you have (or wish to have) a streak with. The picture is captioned "FTS" and serves to ensure that you preserve all of your streaks.

Origin: Goshen, NY.
Vishnu: "Did you send your FTS today?"
Corey: "Yeah, I send it everyday at 4 p.m. EST"
Ken, Valmic, Yash, Brian, Thomas, Liam, Grald (in unison): "Nice Work!"
Michael: " Today I made my FTS, a picture of my Dog"
Hank: "No...it was a picture of a can of Natty light."
Chris: "Roasted!"
by shnu98@gmail.com October 05, 2016
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