Parrywinkle69: My friend lielu thinks your cute :)
PooDawg: The one who broke my chair sitting down?
Parrywinkle69: Yeah....
PooDawg: FTS
Parrywinkle69: :(
by Kevin KB June 23, 2006
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Acronym for Fuck that shit

Usually used in Text message, IM, E-mail
Person one: Want to go to A&Ws?

Person two: No! FTS!
by n00bskoolbus April 4, 2010
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"For The Streak"

A snapchat that you send once a day to each contact you have (or wish to have) a streak with. The picture is captioned "FTS" and serves to ensure that you preserve all of your streaks.

Origin: Goshen, NY.
Vishnu: "Did you send your FTS today?"
Corey: "Yeah, I send it everyday at 4 p.m. EST"
Ken, Valmic, Yash, Brian, Thomas, Liam, Grald (in unison): "Nice Work!"
Michael: " Today I made my FTS, a picture of my Dog"
Hank: " was a picture of a can of Natty light."
Chris: "Roasted!"
by October 6, 2016
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it means "Fuck This Shit". Used to express frustration and/or apathy.
I was waiting for the signal to change so I could cross the street in downtown Toronto and there was Charles. He was blitzed and he was wearing a shirt I've seen in America. It said on the top "Famous Oriental Saying" and had some slash marks below it. Turning the head sideways revealed that the "Oriental characters" made up the English words "fuck this shit". Charles repeated the "saying" on his racist T-shirt by saying "Yeah. Fuck this shit. FTS." The light turned green. We crossed the street, I turned east and he went west.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice November 5, 2006
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