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"you acted like a right pratt last night"
by fletch March 23, 2004
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Abbreviation of Spencer Pratt and Stephanie Pratt, they of The Hills. Synonym for douche, dickwad, tosser, wanker, twat, bitch, backstabber, valley girl, and all derrogatory terms imaginable.
Stop being a Pratt
by MoMite February 07, 2009
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A neologism based on the abbreviation p.r.a.t.t. for "previously refuted a thousand times", referring to any claim that has been previously debunked, shown to be false, publicly challenged and defeated, or otherwise shown many, many times to be demonstrably and verifiably wrong... and yet continues as a claim by believers in pratt.

The dustbin of history is filled with pratt.
What, you still think aliens make crop circles? The dudes who invented crop circles went on TV and showed how they did it! It's like some kind of folk art form. That crop circle alien stuff is all just pratt, man. Move on.
by Celebrandir August 24, 2010
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An acronym used on discussion boards, it stands for

<some first time poster comes along with old and thoroughly refuted arguments>

Regular Poster: Dude, spare us those pratts!
by j w u July 17, 2005
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A total fucktard choad. Often a hockey coach at prep schools. Meathead. Especially someone who supports date-raping hockey meatheads.
"Dude, did you hear Heather got raped by the captain of the hockey team???"

"Yeah, but that AD Pratt will make sure he doesn't get in any trouble. Pratt always protects his boys."

"Damn. That Pratt really sucks ass. What a tool."
by Pratts suck November 24, 2007
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1)A deusch-bag that creeps around with younger girls and taxis them around like a little bitch.

2)A faggot that tries to wear gangster cloths such as timberland shoes and jordan cloths but simplay cannot pull them off.

1)Hottel keeps snaking on those younger girls he is turning into a pratt.

2)Bliss: I think im gonna hang out with dom and the sophomores.

Herks: Yeah okay pratt.
by CHMLB March 02, 2009
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