Jumping from a balcony to a pool below. Or missing...
We were balconing when Jimmy cracked his head open on the pavement
by balconer August 15, 2010
To forcefully throw someone off a 2nd story or higher balcony.
To fall off a balcony in a drunken stupor.
He got so smashed he balconated himself.

Aaron pissed me off so much, I had no choice but to balconate him
by APE_CK March 14, 2008
where a person are having a picnic on a balcony
would you like to join me for a balconic.
by mrsoompaloompa February 22, 2021
to confess one's liking as more than a friend to the one who is liked. Traditionally done on a balcony on graduation or prom night.
After hiding his four years of feelings for her, he balconized to her after the awards ceremony.
by MikiBY October 7, 2012
a phrase in french-slang roughly translating to 'Everyone is out on the balcony.' This is said usually referring to a woman who is displaying better than average cleavage.
I turned to my friend upon seeing kate winslet's chest in Titanic and exclaimed, "Tout le monde sur le balcon!"
by afkorn July 27, 2010
Where people love hanging out on the balcony of entertainment premises
Oh look at that bunch of balconizers having a good time there.
by Marant December 2, 2017
Originating from Bournemouth in the UK, an abbreviation of the word 'balcony', used by upper class young professionals for parties and celebrations.
"Let's have champagne on the balcon"
by Mike Rees June 1, 2007