Another way to say you have a bruise, When you get injured and your skin turns a black/blue color in the injured area.
I fell down the stairs and got Black and Blues all over myself.
by X3Mikey June 30, 2020
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Friend: Yo, you heard about black and blue crew?
Me: Yeah dude, they're dope
by King of B&B June 2, 2011
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a way to describe your neck after a good night with your s/o
oh yeah me and Jamie had a good time last night i’m black and blue now
by cat mum November 12, 2020
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Guy 2: fuck you its Gold and White

Guy 1: No fuck you, its Black and Blue
by Ducks on Quack November 5, 2019
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Black and Blue. A color combination used by those of studly decent. It's their job to set new fashion trends, and attract the ladies. Don't ever try and tell them it's a bad combination. They know what's what.
He's wearing black with blue, and it's looking pretty OP.
by Studmuffin_clay December 9, 2015
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the day after Black Friday, when the unwashed masses recover from brutal shopping frenzies - and the corporate plutocrats tally up profits, while watching in-store videos reaffirming that the peasants do indeed deserve ruthless subjugation.
(see youtube: black friday fights)
For the retail giants, there's never anything black or blue about Black and Blue Saturday.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ November 19, 2012
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The act of being banned/blacklisted from a strip club or any other boner worthy establishment.
After I punched the bartender from the titty bar, I got black and blue balled.
by Bad Obnauticus November 2, 2009
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