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A second-rate problem-solving team sent in because more qualified personnel (the "A-Team") are unavailable or unwilling to deal with a given problem. This is often because the A-Team sees said problem as being beneath them or unworthy of their talents.
Damn, no wonder this software deployment is going miserably. It appears that the contractor gave us the B-Team.
by N328KF August 19, 2010
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Derived from high school varsity and junior varsity sports, where the "B Team" is made up of the stragglers and uncoordinated losers. Used in a situation in which someone drops, breaks, messes up, stutters during an insult, or just acts a fool.
"Dude, that was B Team on your part."
by Carney February 08, 2005
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When someone is dating you as well as someone else but they like the other person better. You're the second choice, the backup plan. You're on the B Team.
"He likes that blonde better. I'm on the B Team."
by x655321x February 08, 2012
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the B team is a team of all your second string bitches... the ones u dont take out in public.
damn my gurls are on vacation i gotta come out of the closet with the B Team
by Brotha Darkness August 22, 2005
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A nice term used to describe a Special Education class. A "B-Team member " is a term that describes a student enrolled in a special education class. e.g. a person who lacks adequate mental capabilities.
look at steven and the rest of the B-team as they plant flowers in the schools garden
by Rick Rogers May 10, 2008
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The B Team is a group of people in your squaaaaaaaaaaaaaad who aren't really in any of the jokes but keep coming back day after day for abuse.
You're in the fucking B Team!
by GetThatPussey101 March 20, 2017
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