a small sub-set of people who reside in Northern PA, who appear to be interesting/cool/smart, but are actually none of the above. Require generous amounts of sleep, liberal amounts of petty drama, and refrain from tainting their holier-than-thou-white-girl image. Often b-teamers are born in Harrisburg and migrate north in search of intellectual stardom. Clothing of choice: j.crew, lacoste, or holister (size xxxsmall)"purchased" at salvation army... or entire wardrobe provided by parents along with fancy car. Mating call includes: "que lindo" (translate--"how precious"). It is essential to note that b-teamers strive to mate with one individual who makes his rounds despite having no intelligence whatsoever.

Fickle creatures, best if observed from afar. Not much fun. Avoid making friendships as you will probably regret it if you like staying out past 8:30 and drink sometimes.
fucking b-team. they're sending me to rehab because of that damn white wine spritzer. they're just jealous because they're not a-teamers
by a teamm January 20, 2008
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An organization possessing b team qualities.
Even though they managed to level the WTC, al qaeda is a prime example of a b team operation.
by Jeff McMillin January 26, 2006
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The best team on the face of the earth, they are much better than the shitty C team. They have the best athletes on the face of the earth.
WOW The 'B' Team are much better than the 'C' team.
by StevSteve slatersssdfjfda June 14, 2018
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