The copyrighted name B-Lo refers to the city of Buffalo and is used by SellMOST Industries founder and western New York rap artist B-Lo.
We crossed the border at Niagara Falls in order to catch B-Lo live onstage in B-Lo.
by Da' REAL B-Lo April 27, 2007
how natives and residents of Buffalo, New York refer to the area
Everyone's coming back to the B-Lo after spending spring break in Florida.
by bfloheel August 6, 2004
slang, short-term for Buffalo, NY
I used to live in New York City, but now I have an apartment in B-Lo.
by MCKREWGA September 14, 2003
city of Buffalo; where Buffalo kids say they come from
Frank (from Illinois): So Nick, what part of New York do you come from, dog?
Nick: B-Lo, and I'm not your dog...
Frank: ...Ok.
by Kate February 7, 2005
nickname for Buffalo, NY. Used by ghetto people from Buffalo, and suburban white kids making fun of those people.
"That hoe's from B-Lo."
by DannyV March 9, 2006
Derrived from Ben Lomond... aka west B-Lo
Lets hit up B-Lo for a smoke 'sess'(derrived from session)
by Zmacdaddy January 15, 2007
the act of oral gratification on a mans penis
it's not above's B-Lo me
by twisted dick November 14, 2003