Lomond is the alien word for god he is seen to be worshiped and can do what he wants

Lomond also is crazy and likes to smash glass

Lomond is also the supreme leader of the planet Neptune it is said that if you are called Lomond you will be given anything you want By the Neptune people

Lomond is also a worshiper of Satan
Lomond is the supreme leader of Neptune.

Lomond is a worshiper of Satan.
by Ur nan is a nonce February 2, 2021
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A Lomond is a set of male genitals in which a combination of micropenis and elephantiasis of the balls is observed. This condition is sometimes referred to as "all potatoes and no meat" in some regional dialects. The condition also severely affects the brain. If a man has a Lomond, he might think that snapping bras is an acceptable way of hitting on a female in his life. Other attributes of having a Lomond include being loud/brash, lacking any form of eloquence or polish in social and business settings, and overall being an ass.
I heard Jerry snapped Shiela's bra the other day and invited her to see his big balls, he should probably see a doctor to see if he has developed a Lomond.
by All Potatoes March 8, 2019
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When a Scottish man attempts to impress his vegan girlfriend by seasoning their evening salad with his pubic hair.
After failing to clean his flat, Jamie thought he’d better repair things with Claire and decided to prepare the finest Loch Lomond Vinaigrette.
by Itssecret August 4, 2019
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