A B line refers to the direction in which a bee flys after gathering nectar. Bees use the sun to navigate their way around and when they are ready to return to the hive they fly in a straight line back. This is why when someone is trying to get to their destination quickly they are said to be "making a B line".
Alyssa made a B line home after work.
by Crazy Carrie June 7, 2007
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running a straight line (used mainly in sports)
bitch go run a B line to the 15 yard line
by cory dwayne August 14, 2005
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A hemp string dipped in melted beeswax used for lighting bongs and pipes. It makes it easier to light and gives the weed a slight honey flavor.
B line is super dank and easy to make yourself
by Ganjacooker November 23, 2009
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1) noun. Another name for the massachusetts suburb of Brookline.
2) noun. to quickly make your way towards something, usually out of an awkward situation.
I was on my way to the cape, but got lost in marshfield, I bumped into some scary people, so I had to make a quick B line for B line.
by slatkaya devochka November 13, 2003
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A:Hey yo was u heard that new track?

B:Hell yea...The 'B-line' is sick.
by Special-K July 5, 2005
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Short for Body Line.

1)To describe when something is close fitting.
1) Damn! That dress is b line
by Titn ey October 29, 2006
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When a person is in both maknae and hyung line. The letter "b" stands for "both" and "Beomgyu".
"Beomgyu is in B-line, he has his own line!"
"Beomgyu isn't in hyung line or maknae line he is in B-line"
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