A literal “fallen angel” who happened to land in bighit and became one of the 5 members of TXT. Beomgyu is a gorgeous talented all rounder and the best 4th generation center! He’s fucking Baller.
Soobin: Damn, Beomgyu killer it during practice

Yeonjun: As expected from Thee Choi Beomgyu
by stanbtxt August 7, 2019
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Beomgyu is a synonym for perfect. Beomgyu is a kinda, caring, and hard working person that deserves many things in life. A pure soul that has gone through a lot but is still genuine and cares for others. Please respect Beomgyu as for they are a gift to this world.
by beomgyus beloved bff November 19, 2021
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literally a baby bear the love of my life the reason why i’m breathing best boy 4th gen center my boy
X: oh who’s Beomgyu ?

me: the reason why i cry every night 🥰
by Yumi aka Bomu’s gf December 26, 2020
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Beomgyu is a replacement for the word Gorgeous. Because Beomgyu is Gorgeous.
Person 1: Oh my god look at that girls hair!
Person 2: YES she's so beomgyu!
by enhaprotector August 6, 2021
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by Beomgyubeomgyubeomgyu November 22, 2021
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Choi Beomgyu is an adorable baby bear from tomorrow by together (TXT) who radiates crackhead energy and deserves the whole wide world. He loves Taehyun :D
'Beomgyu is so babie'
by baamgyu December 26, 2020
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Person A: omg you have a Beomgyu photo card?!
Person B: YEP he is basically a bear.
by Gyugarnagle January 18, 2022
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