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A sarcastic name for singer and songwriter Dua Lipa
Oh my god have you heard that new Dula Peep song?
by Expired Ravioli February 03, 2021
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The final boss and one the main antagonists of Tekken 6 (along with Heihachi), is very hard to defeat, don't try and beat him on the hardest difficulty as it is nearly impossible. He looks a lot like the Ancient Egyptian god, Set. Ironically, Azazel wears an Ancient Egyptian headpiece, he also looks like a huge crystalline dragon.
Me fightning Azazel with Yoshimitsu on arena yesterday:

Hell, it took me 10 minutes to beat that guy
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall October 31, 2009
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Azazel: one of the most charming guys you will ever meet. People tend to blame him for everything due to the religious past. Azazel is one of the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He is loyal, caring and though he may sometimes be busy it’s because he’s doing all types of sports! Azazels’ are very athletic and adorable. They tend to have a temper and may hide some things from you but if he trusts you enough he’ll tell. Azazel is one of the most kindest guys you will meet. If you meet an Azazel, don’t waste your chance! Once you stay with him, you’ll never want to leave his side!
Who needs a Prince Charming when you have Azazel!”
via giphy
by Briar Cheshire July 08, 2018
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And it came to pass when I saw the bird speaking I said this to the angel: 'What is this, my lord?' And he said, 'This is disgrace, this is Azazel!' - Abraham.
l taught the people the art of making swords and knives, and shields, and breastplates; and I showed to my chosen ones bracelets, decorations, shadowing of the eye with antimony, ornamentation, the beautifying of the eyelids, all kinds of precious stones, and all coloring tinctures and alchemy.- Azazel Lives
by Azazel Lives Fallen Angel March 11, 2009
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Azazel is one of anti religious game about demons and murdering (the binding of isaac) character. He is one of most bleh and shit you see online. Also know for having brimstone
Youtuber: today we will play azazel
by Jestem człowiekiem January 02, 2021
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the sexual act of filling the anal cavity of a small body until it bursts
i azazeled her 2 years ago
by TELLmeYOUloveIT August 19, 2011
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