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A form of government created by Karl Marx, it was meant to make everyone equal by not letting anyone control industry and become powerful, unfortunatly dictators like Stalin bent it to make them rule the country without letting anyone have their say
Marxist - Damn Stalin and Kim Jong Il bent Marxism to make them powerful, now everyone doesn't know the Marxism is meant to make everyone equal!

Communist- Shut up, Don't you dare put down comrade Stalin or comrade Kim Jong Il!
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Somewhere which sells burgers full of chemicals and fat but taste so nice people try not to think of the fat and preservatives.
I saw two pictures of McDonalds burgers, one from 1995 and one from 2008.

The one from 1995 looked identical to the one from 2008.
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The lowest and most inferior class in the class/caste system. Comprising of the Underclass and the Working-class.

Generally thought of by Elites as stupid, inferior serfs because the lower class cannot afford the same level of education that they have received and therefore get a less-paid job and struggle to make ends meet. Also believed to spend rather than save and spend their money in the Working-mans' club.
I am Working-class and therefore a member of the Lower-class, I have studied my class a lot.
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall November 19, 2010
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This covers the lead up to war and the war:

Japan invades Manchuria and aims to take the rest of China under the first two stages of the Tanaka Memorial (this starts the Second Sino-Japanese War), Hitler becomes Chancellor, Hinderburg dies-Hitler becomes Fuhrer, readies to invade Austria, but Mussolini mobilises and readies to go to war with Hitler if he invades (not many people know this), Anglo-German Naval Agreement, Britain allows hitler to build the Kriegsmarine to 35% the total tonnage of the Royal Navy, Mussolini invades Ethiopia, and hitler invades the Rhineland at the aame time, Spanish Civil War, Condor Legion of Germany and the Aviazione Legionaria of Italy help the Spanish Nationalists (in fact Germany and Italy were testing their militaries), Italy, Japan and German sigh a few treaties creating the Axis powers, Mussolini lets Hitler take Austria this time (the Austrian people wanted Anschluss, but the voters are kept under close observation by German Soldiers), Czechoslavkia, Britain and France tell Hitler to stop it, Hitler agrees but invades the rest six months later, Hitler invades Poland, angering Britain (Britain and Poland had a treaty), Britain gives Hitler and ultimatum, Hitler ignores it, Britain goes to war, France goes to war, Britain bombs German warships on the Kiel canal (not many people know this), Soviets invade Eastern Poland and sign the Russo-German Non-Agression Pact, Russian invades Finland for no reason (The Winter War), Russia condemned, Russia thrown out of League of Nations, Britain and France plan to send 100,000 and 50,000 men to Finland respectivly, Norway and Sweden don't allow this, Britain, France and America send planes to Finland, Finland overwhelmed, Russia takes parts of Finland, Hitler turns west, defeats Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, British defend their nation, British bomb Berlin, Hitler gets mad and flattens Coventy which kills thousands of innocent civilians, Hitler turns east again,British Swordfish attack German Warships at Petsamo and lose three aircraft it is meant to show support to the Soviet allies, Finland joins Hitler to try to get back areas of land lost to Russia (The Continuation War), Germany invades Russia, Britain declares war on Finland, Hurricanes of No. 151 Wing RAF provide air cover to Soviet troops, Hitler stopped at the gates of Moscow, Japan, tired of America's embargoes bombs Pearl Harbour, America declares war on Germany, Italy and Japan,Japanese sink Force Z, US and Filipino troops fight at the Battle of Bataan, the day after Manila is captured by the Japanese, Five days after that the Siege of Bataan begins, three days after that the last German raid on Liverpool destroys the home of Hitler's Nephew (lol), the day after Japan declares war on the Netherlands and the Netherlands East Indies, Japanese capture Kuala Lumpur, Japanese forces invade Burma, the Battle of Rabual begins, Thailand declares war the US and the UK, D. Roosevelt interns Japanese Americans and seizes their property, Japanese take Singapore (it was actually in a bluff as the Japanese were running out of ammo as they were finding it difficult getting it through the jungles), Japanese attack Darwin, Doolite Raid the first raid on Tokyo, Operation Anthropoid (Czech paratroopers attempt to assasinate Reinhard Heydrich), Japanese subs infiltrate Sydney Harbour, Axis forces capture Tobruk and a Japanese fires upon Fort Stevens, Oregon the same day, Battle of Coral Sea and Midway,Americans take Guadalcanal ,Operation Torch Allied forces land in North Africa, Afrika Core defeated, Allies take Sicily and invade Italy, Mussolini defeated, D-Day, Continuation War ends and Finland helps Britain and Russia expel German soldiers in Finland (The Lapland War) and Germans employ Scorched Earth on the whole of Northern Finland as they retreat to Norway, Allies in France head east, all allies attack Berlin, air-raids are becoming normal, German jet-fighters cause pain to B-17's and Lancaster's, in April the last Germans are expelled from Finland, ending the Lapland War, the allies take Berlin and Hitler commits suicide, Okinawa, allies re-take Burma and atomic bombs are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, end of WWII, not long after American and Russian relations take a nose-dive and the Cold War begins, the world enters the nuclear age, all forms of Nazism are outlawed in Germany.
World War II killed millions
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Someone who gets a huge (and some might say extreme) interest in Japan because of anime, not to be confused with a Japanophile, who is someone interested in Japan as a whole, unlike Weeaboos Japanophiles have a real serious interest in Japan, and make more than a half-hearted attempt at learning Japanese, Weeaboos may try to learn Japanese, but usually end up making huge mistakes and sounding like complete idiots
I am Japanophile, my interest in Japan extends to various parts of Japan and her culture, unlike a Weeaboo, I am not purely interested in Japan because of Anime, in fact I have never seen any animes
by Iameverywhereyetno-whereatall February 05, 2014
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Someone from Yorkshire (usually used to mean a Yorkshire lad)

A "Tyke" is also a mongrel dog (which maybe why Tyke is also a Yorkshire dialect word for a Yorkshire Terrier dog), originally it was used by the southerners in the 18th/19th centuries as a derogatory term for Yorkshire folk, who they thought of as uncouth and coarse then it went to being a word Yorkshire folk proudly call themselves, like Geordie or Brummie.

Tyke can also mean a small bairn, especially a mischievous one
"im a lad from York, im a Tyke and proud of it!" - Me
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