Enoch is a name given to a christian he is nice, caring and charming .Enoch can be annoying at times.he is know for many things e.g. sports.he can do anything you ask him to do.people like him because he is funny especially girls .The name Enoch is not popular and that's what makes him unique. To all the guys there be careful because he can steal your girl at any time.He doesn't need a pencil or a paper however he can still draw your attention.
by Victor simz January 15, 2018
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A sweet guy who tries to make everyone feel good about themselves no matter what. He is usually talented in some kind of sport or musical instrument, and he does it purely for fun, not just to get the girls. Naturally, girls like him anyway. (His good looks help too!)
Girl: *writes a love letter*
Girl: *leaves it someplace for Enoch to find*
Enoch: *reads letter*
(He is clearly not interested but he doesn't want to hurt the girl's feelings. Awkward silence ensues.)
Later, they meet in the hallway.
Enoch: Um, thanks...*smiles in the cutest way possible*
Girl: *blushes uncontrollably* (thinking) OMG OMG HE ACTUALLY TALKED TO ME!
by 1plus1DoesNotEqualPotato February 16, 2016
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Enoch is desirable and irresistible. He is lowkey a savage. Enoch is very competitive and usually gets infuriated when he is losing. He is usually talented in some kind of sport or musical instrument, and he does it purely for fun, not just to get the girls. He is naturally mean to girls he hates and loves to annoy his friends. He is a super-badass kid who usually, does incredibly stupid things (loves to take risks). He always swears and probably has 5 sidechicks. Finally, he has a great sense of humor and makes you laugh 24/7. If u ever had an Enoch you would probably immediately fall in love with him. I am so grateful to have an Enoch.
#desirable #irresistable #savage #competitive #talented #funny # annoying #stupid
"Hey how u doing today" annoying girl aked
Enoch ignores
by Victoria Chin October 29, 2017
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Enoch- The chillest kid you will ever meet. He is good at skateboarding and likes to roast people. Sometimes a jerk but usually hilarious. HE just likes to laugh and have fun for the most part. God and family are first to Enoch. HE also gets at Girls he doesn't like for no reason.
Enoch: Tells girl "I know who you like"
Girl:*Who then?
Enoch: "*Me"
Girl: "No I don't like anyone"
Enoch: "Yea but I know who your going out with"
Girl: "I'm not going out with anyone!"
Enoch: "Yea you are, your going out with me
by Pro era forty seven April 5, 2017
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A wild untamed beast who roams the open fields. They eat animals such as sharks but they were stupid enough to migrate to the open fields. They resort to gnawing on humans. Their scientific name is enoeiesstuepeds.
Person 1: Why is this Enoch biting my leg?
Person 2: I dunno just slap it or something.
Person 1: I think I just killed it.
by Lexy_Boy December 2, 2018
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Enoch is a cute and heart warming person. He is the president of the P.U.M in the school and always there to "spon" you and your friends. He plays guitar well and watches a lot of anime. But enoch is a short person and is afraid of any ghost game. Espacially the game "Mimic" on Roblox. He is a cat person and he has a lot of dogs. He is also smart and goodlooking. Any girls out there should find yourself a ENOCH. Our enoch is still single though. Anyone interested?
Girl: "Hi Enoch, would you like to go out for lunch today?"
Enoch: " Ummm, okay..?"
Girl: "SWEET! Your mine now"
by A boy and a girl July 17, 2021
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Enoch was the name of the legendary First City in the mythology of Vampire: The Masquerade, a pen and paper role-playing game series created by White Wolf. It was a city where Kindred (vampires) and Kine (humans) coexisted in relative peace. It was said to have been founded by Caine, the First Vampire; the very same Caine from the Bible who was cursed by God for the murder of his brother, Abel.

Caine gathered all his spawn and in turn they gathered their spawn and together they constructed Enoch. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. In time the fueds of the Kindred within Enoch became too great, and the city crumbled as a result of their battles. While some belive that it may have been a natural disaster or a spurned childe's (the term used for a Kindred's spawn. Plural childer) vengeful sorcery. No matter what caused the fall of Enoch, Caine and the three vampires that were his first childer vanished, never to be seen again........
Enoch, the city of legend where the living and dead lived together.
by Shadow of the Void June 24, 2006
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