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Aysia is the most loveable, kindhearted, talented girl you can ever meet.
She is so cute and friendly it's hard to fall out with her.
Top tips: If you ever meet this girl you will instantly fall in love as she is unique and one of a kind ;).
She gives the most amazing hugs and will respect everyone she is friends with.
Nevertheless she is 100% trustworthy and you can tell her absolutely anything!
This is why you should love Aysia.
Look an Aysia!

Ooooh, she is so beautiful!
by DizzzyD March 04, 2014
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A girl who will fall for any guy not in a slutty way but because she's an innocent girl she is so sweet and always wants to make you happy
Boy 1: Dude i just found out she likes me all i did was pick up her paper
Boy 2: wow you got it easy she must be an aysia
by district13rebel December 21, 2013
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a girl with a booty soooo big. guys want to fuck her ALL the time.usually wear tight jeans to show of her nice,round ass.makes guys horny and girls want to be a lesbian.very good at sex usually, especially oral and anal(of course)
She sucked my dick like she was Aysia!!!

Her ass is so big, just like an Aysia!!
by Forged February 12, 2009
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a girl whom people find intersting. She usually blogs on a website called

she has mad skill in things that arent useful. she doesnt know why she spends most of her time with j.bocs and moonie.
Oh my gosh, she's Aysia...
by oods418 August 20, 2008
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a girl who is really good at giving that sloppy toppy. she sucks dick better than everyone out there. she also loves to get hit from behind since she got a fatty.
guy A: "she has such a fat ass mmmm and she doesn't use teeth"
guy B: "damn your lucky she must be an aysia"
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by sexyahh January 04, 2017
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