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It includes Iran, N. Korea, France, Germany, math, english, pretzels, Dick Cheney's heart, young voters, John Kerry, the cast from Queer Eye, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, the Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore... it never ends.
by bigtones November 02, 2004
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Term with derogatory undertones, used by the U.S.A government to characterize countries that "are suspected to harbour terrorism" and that are supposed to have formed an unofficial alliance, supposedly to justify invasion. The terms comes from "Axis", the nickname for the WWII German-Italian Alliance.
Russia doesn't belong to the "axis of evil" because it is too dangerous to confront.
by The eternal grunt April 23, 2004
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terminology used at first to describe enemies of the United States. It has subsequently become slang term for something which someone doesn't understand and therefore hates.
Dude, I hate math class. I don't understand it at all. It's on the axis of evil!
by marduk420 December 14, 2003
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Term used by George W. Bush to describe countries he wants to overrun, with words specifically chosen to stir the sheep-like American public
Bush on TV: "We must stop the axis of evil."
viewer: "oooooh avis of evil... must support unnecessary takeover of helpless nations... I have no mind of my own..."
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
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The combination of Intel and Microsoft, and endorsers of poor quality computers (HP, Compaq, Gateway) who make use of the above.
You shouldn't buy that computer; it contains components from the Axis of Evil.
by Kev009 July 08, 2003
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Axis of Evil means and includes most of the following (mostly Islamic nations) countries (if not all):
Afganistan) (mostly the remaining Taliban admistrative areas, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar/ Burma, North Korea, Pakistan, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir / POK / Azad Kashmir, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, among some others (mostly the countries ruled by a dictator.

Basically, this means that people from most of these countries find it extremely difficult to obtain a Visa to the United States of America and need to be on a very high alert from a possible foreign attack on them from the USA anytime, sooner or later, if not yet.
Women: What is Axis of Evil?
Men: Bitch, the human race is an axis of evil.
by DJ Gaurav May 03, 2006
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Any single or group of people in any given region at any given time who disagrees with anything the current administration says or does. This notion can change from time to time since the current president is so prone to giving contradicting reports and using incorrect words to convey his meaning. See 'shitlist'.
All naysayers of Bush who live on I Street are a part of the axis of evil. In fact, anything that anyone says about me thats bad is part of my axis of evil.
by Madamasselle July 15, 2003
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