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terminology used at first to describe enemies of the United States. It has subsequently become slang term for something which someone doesn't understand and therefore hates.
Dude, I hate math class. I don't understand it at all. It's on the axis of evil!
by marduk420 December 14, 2003
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verb. to kill as subject matter.
john kerry: i still think i won the election.
george w: let's just dead that junx you hippie trash.
john kerry: *sob*
by marduk420 November 24, 2004
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a rare breed of animal usually spotted at the blackcat in DC (not on nights of popular shows, but rather on nights with a no name band that most likely sucks). current hipster trends include (but are not limited to) trucker caps, dyed black hair, zelda haircuts for girls, vintage clothing, black frame glasses, a "hipster" jacket, pair of black chuck taylors, etc.
dude 1: yo, let's go down to the blackcat to see deathcab.
dude 2: no way, i hate them.
dude 1: you liked them last week!! you're getting too hipster. i hate you.
dude 2: don't hate.
by marduk420 November 24, 2004
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