My 3rd period health class. Usually lasts between the dawn of time and the end of existence, also known as time.
Yeah,yous know the song that never ends? Yeah, its longer.
by 8===X==Detachable November 29, 2004
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When trying to say good bye to someone and they keep replying to your final words. It is worse in regular conversation then through some sort of instant messaging.
Kyle-Alright man we'll see ya later.
Frank-Ya taker' easy.
Kyle- ok you too man.
Frank- Always. We'll talk to you later.
Kyle- Ya for sure, I gtg bye.
Frank- Bye.
Kyle- Ok stop talking this goodbye is never ending.
by Samsquanch21 November 26, 2009
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When there is no end or closure. No answer, no solution, but it will never be over.

Can describe a positive or negative experience or occurrence.

Usually describes something that is so profound that it doesn't end.
Their love for each other will never end. Like the never ending story
by Theneverendingstory November 1, 2013
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For an avetard the party never ends. Once they come back from a house party or literally anything, they immediately pull out the dab rig and go to work on that hoe and end up out like a light. As Rick Ross says, "She fuck a nigga, then she on to the next." It's the same concept, "the avetards party, then it's on to the next," the avetards are just always looking for their next turnup right after their last one
The avetards are on their way home from the party but the party never ends for an avetard because they'll just have an afterparty at The Ave with the whole city of Norman.
by TurnM3Up December 3, 2019
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The act or process of continuously wiping your ass with no discernible progress whatsoever. Usually leads to anal chafing.
"Good Lord! This never-ending wipe combined with the John Wayne toilet paper is really chapping my ass!"
by b1g December 1, 2007
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A bowl of weed you you can hit over and over. It seems as if it is never ending.
Dude 1: Man how much did you pack?
Dude 2: I don't know man, this shit is never ending!
Dude 1&2: The Never Ending Bowl!!
by N1ckNasty June 21, 2012
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In days long past, the Internet was a new and marvelous thing. The web was new and shiny, but most of the real action was in irc and usenet.

Every September, a whole new batch of college students would have access to the Internet for the first time, and the signal to noise ratio would absolutely go to shit. By the end of September, things usually returned to normal, and Usenet was useful again.

In 1993, September never ended. AOL connected its entire userbase to the Internet, and things never went back to normal. Before 9/93, there was (almost) no spam, being tricked into view a image was unlikely at best, and porn was free in the alt.binaries.erotica.* newsgroups, with nobody trying to extort a credit-card number.

We still live in the September that never ended.
The internet sucks now. It was a lot better before the September that never ended.
by danarak August 28, 2007
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