A sweet caring girl, that falls in love for someone to soon and doesn't like being ignored and rejected by people she thought were her friends. And blames herself for everything but still love herself in every way.
"I wish Piper realized how good she is"
by pseudonymgirl2003 February 13, 2017
she protecc she attacc she don’t give. A quiznak
by SeaSide November 8, 2018
A beautiful, fun, intelligent, kind, truthful, wonderful human being. She is the best friend and anyone who knows her is lucky to have her in her life. She is kind( and maybe a bit snarky ) to everyone, no matter how annoying they are. She has a heart as big as the sun and will make you feel amazing. She has a horrible taste in bffs, but if anyone mistreats her, I will stalk and find you.
Alas, Piper has broken the heart of yet another boy
by Yaraw October 6, 2017
She is the greatest girl ever. If you have a piper don’t let her go
by 13_nwr_13 April 14, 2019
A Kind-Hearted loving girl who cares about her friends and family. Piper is a very organised young lady and will be very successful in life. When Piper is in her late twenties she will be rich and have a house with her husband and guinea pigs. She is probaly going to be a successful author because of all of her wondeful story ideas and naturally creative mind. Piper is the kind of girl who you want to hang out with but cant because you know you aint smart enough to. Piper has a large group of friends that stay by her side and she shares a lot in common with them because thats the kind of people that she hangs out with. Piper and her amazing looks and attractiveness knows how to get all the guys.
person 1 “I wish I could be like Piper....”
person 2 “yea...she has all the guys
both “why cant we be like Piper?”
by TigerTay October 12, 2018
An unassuming girl who spends most of her time trying to make others happy. She sees the good in everyone and gives more of herself to others than could ever be asked. She is extremely low-maintenance. All she ever wants in return for her kindness is some company, which she often finds it hard to ask for. She usually prefers quieter, more intimate social settings and has a tendency toward self-harm. She doesn't know how strong or beautiful she is and if she lets you in completely, make sure to tell her every day how much you appreciate her. You will never regret it.
"That girl just forded a river to save an abandoned puppy and nurse it back to health. She's such a Piper."
"That Piper over there surprised her best friend with breakfast in bed this morning. What a sweetheart..."
"That Piper girl is a real catch. I wish she knew how perfect she was. Then maybe she wouldn't be so hard on herself."
by spokethetruth November 27, 2012
The smartest, most beautiful girl in the world. She is almost always sarcastic but in a good way. She is funny, has a great sense of humor, and is very confident. She doesn't let anyone control her. If you get lucky enough to meet a Piper make sure u don't mess up your relationship with her, cuz you are a very lucky person. She forgives but not very easily,but if you screw up she will most likely understand why you did what you did.
I love Piper so much.
by Talia Pedersen April 4, 2018