8 definitions by thehipster

a moron.
there are some moderates, but most are right-wing biased idiots who are biblethumpers.
ah, a republican. what an ignoramus.
by thehipster April 18, 2005
the incorrect abbreviation for independent. it's freaking indie, morons.
l0lzz i m s0000000 indy
by thehipster April 18, 2005
When someones microphone is of poor quality and produces a horrid sound to the ears that can cause deafness and loss of ability to hear in hd
Dude are you sure you got a new mic, you're wind tunneling
by thehipster July 18, 2016
the best movie ever.
seriously, it's a brilliant masterpiece with john cusack starring as mixtape master rob gordon, the owner of championship vinyl, a record store.
watch it.
all the cool kids like high fidelity.
by thehipster April 18, 2005
a pretty freakin' brilliant boy until lately when he became mainstream and sucky.
ah, 'tis the tragic demise of conor oberst.
by thehipster April 18, 2005
one who listens to indie music, has good taste, and delves in ironic snobbery.
hipster = my heart. <3
by thehipster April 18, 2005