I have heard two different variations of the meaning of ᏣᎳᎩ: tsa-la-gi:Cherokee- 1.)people of the cave and mountain 2.)the redskin people. Aside from being one of, if not the largest Native American tribe(s) in the United States. The Cherokee are also known as one of the five civilized tribes. 20,000 Cherokee's were forcefully moved on the trail of tears 4,000 of which didn't make it from the southeast. Now there are three federally recognized bands 1.Cherokee nation-Oklahoma 2. United (ga-du-wa)Keetoowah band of Cherokee-Oklahoma 3. Eastern band of Cherokee-North Carolina. There are 7 clans of the Cherokee tribe:1.)a-ni-gi-lo-hi:The Long Hair Clan 2.)a-ni-sa-ho-ni:The Blue Clan 4.)a-ni-go-te-ge-wi:The Wild Potato Clan 5.)a-ni-a-wi: the Deer Clan 6.)a-ni-tsi-s-qua:the Bird Clan 7.)a-ni-wo-di:the Paint Clan
Our culture is still very much alive. we still powwow, stompdance, play stickball, and sweat lodge. there are 6 Cherokee ceremonial grounds here in ok 1 Cherokee ground in nc. we have endured and overcome a tremendous amount. we are a proud people.
people are still racist toward Cherokee Indians to this day.
by usdi yona March 20, 2013
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Currently the largest tribe in the steadily-growing race known as Native American Indians. The Natives are, fortunately, making a comeback, and NOT just with casinos, dammit!
With well over 700,000 mixed- and full-blooded members, the Cherokee nation is the largest tribe in the entire United States. The "motherland" that the tribe inhabited, of which many still do, is known as the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee and very western North Carolina. The white settlers and slaveowners pushed a great number of my people off their lands, of which many of us thoroughly and bitterly resent them. It was those people who made this region the South, with their new countrified, Southeast-style culture and political opinions. They also believed that the Cherokees were nothing but savages and heathens, VERY BIG misconception. Thanks to most of those people who took over the lands, now we have a mixture of lightly-educated hicks, and a bunch of arrogant, and usually racist, rednecks. What a GREAT EXCHANGE!
We have managed to hold out, however. Many of the ancestors held out in different hiding places in the mountains, and a lot of them survived the Trail of Tears. It is true that many Cherokees served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War, but it is a decision that most of them made out of fear of the Southerners. Many of them, however, ended up serving in the Union Indian Brigade, which fought out in the Trans-Mississippi Theatre, coming from Oklahoma and Kansas, were most of the Natives had been exiled to from their eastern homelands. The Cherokee are a strong people, they served the nation and the settlers even as their own rights and lands were gradually being taken from them, and they deserve a lot of respect, and even tribute, in return.
by Ryan October 17, 2004
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Usually a laid back girl, will try anything once, and loves to party.
Can be shy and quiet AT FIRST but will blow up once you get to know her.
Pretty eyes, and long hair.
That Cherokee girl is so freaking cool.
by cmiz9914 July 4, 2015
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The Jeep Cherokee is the preferred ride of white trash women and men. Often seen toting around with one or more of their welfare babies.
Not all Cherokees are driven by white trash but all white trash drive a Cherokee.
by Cirkle k December 2, 2011
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1. A Native American tribe in the United States

2. A type of Jeep that kicks ass, especially 4wd Jeep Cherokees
1. Dude, the Cherokee Native Americans are awesome

2. My Jeep Cherokee can go through mud like a knife cuttin' hot butter
by Chene April 10, 2006
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Honestly the kindest soul you will ever meet. Cherokee is the type of person you were never looking for but as soon as you meet her you do not understand how you were living life without her. She will give you abundance of love. No matter the situation that she may be in, she will always have a smile on her face. She has the prettiest eyes that when you look into them you fall into a daze. Nobody will ever compare to the beauty of her personality. She will always put you first regardless of what she is going through. She is the hardest working person that you will ever meet. Cherokee is the person that makes you take a step back and think wow I’m so proud of her. Cherokee is beautiful in every aspect. Never let her go.
Damn bro, Cherokee is my soulmate.
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After having sex with a girl on her period you wipe some blood off your dick and paint it on her face as two war stripes under her eyes. Even better if she is sitting cross legged in front of you.
I had sex with a girl on her period last night and gave her a Cherokee.
by Mr. Pibr February 8, 2018
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