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A synonym for the double popped collar. This is when an individual wears two polo shirts, each with their collar folded up. These polo shirts are typically pastel coloured, although harsher colours are sometimes worn.

Wearing the biplane is a sufficient condition for being a douchebag.
yo call me orville wright cause i've been flying biplanes all night
by tim-tdog March 23, 2009
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To perform auto fellatio on oneself with your legs spread as far as possible, you reach out and grab your feet so that it looks like the wings of an old bi-plane.
Holy fuck, Dougie Fresh is giving himself a Biplane!
by shavedyeti March 10, 2010
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A sexual act that requires 2 men and 1 female. One spins a figit spinner on his penis while one stands behind the one with both of their arms extended. Both men make plane noises while running until they reach her vigina
by Dinoman127 January 29, 2018
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