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The most breathtaking person you will ever meet in your entire life. She is everything, the big and the small, the crackle of a flame and shattering lightning. There’s no word to describe her beacuse she’s simply everything. She’s salt and honey and casual and sexy and she’ll always have your back in the long and short. Her eyes are windows to somewhere better than here and she has a definite hand-fetish. She’s weird and awkward and clumsy and gloomy and mature and childish and the best and worst thing that’ll ever happen to you. She’ll cost you your sleep and consume your nights but it will be worth it. If you find her and she finds you, grasp her and don’t let her go. People like her are gems, rare and glittery
“Hey, I met a Suzan. They’re amazing. No, better than amazing. They’re beautiful, fantastic, magical, divine and-

“When’s the wedding?”
by konster November 12, 2017
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Suzan is the type of girl you see and think wow. Her body took God years to sculpt, she has more curves than the number of guys she curves (many). Her personality is pure and real and is not afraid of slapping you with the truth. Her humour can make you laugh till your stomach hurts but her clumsiness is what makes her funnier. She keeps her circle tight like her pussy. When and if she gives a guy a chance he needs to make sure he keeps her since losing her will be like losing life itself
Him: I can't believe suzan is mine
Friend: BRO, how did you get her i've been trying to get her for 2 years
Him: dw bro can't reveal the secret
by random1992 June 05, 2018
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The sexiest, most spoiled southern belle you'll ever find, with a sweet southern drawl that makes men crawl. Loves to have her cake and eat it too. She wants everything her way or it's the highway. Loves Ham & OT! Her diamonds make babies! God threw away the mold when he made her! Once you go Suzan, you never go back, men say she's like crack! She's an addiction.
Don't be such a Suzan!
by Damn Yankee! September 27, 2010
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Canadian slang used when referring to attractive asian females. Derived from the korean word "sou zan" meaning hourglass.
"Damn homey, check out that suzan with the big booty!"
by Don Matthews June 03, 2006
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A Bitch. The worst person. They brag all the time about their money. Have No manners. Always are mean and rude. They are ugly and dont respect anyone.
Person: have you seen suzan.
Person 2: Oh that bitch.
by Koalas101 January 08, 2018
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