The weight grouping choice favored by fat girls at online dating sites. If she chooses "a few extra pounds", bring a harpoon and/or tranq rifle. Same with "ghetto booty".

Holy hell. U.D. has been up this long and nobody submitted a definition for "average"?
Levi: WTF? There's no pics on this chick's profile.
Nate: What's her weight entry say?
Levi: Average. Profile says she's "curvy".
Nate: Means she's average in American terms, not French. Her curves are rolls.
Feminist from the woodwork: It's what's inside that counts!
Fat Goth Girl: Fat girls need love too!
Nate: *shotgun fires four times, once each and then once each to make sure* Not from me; and a tranny once told me the same thing about the inside.
Levi: You only get what you give. Get back in your badgerhole, ya bitch.
by Derek Peavey May 29, 2006
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Fat. Term used by just about every fat chick who ever placed a personals ad. Since the AVERAGE size for women is a size 14, fatties rejoyce in glee when they can use this instead of BBW.
SWF, 30 average in size looking for an eating partner.
by xzybit February 16, 2005
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Average. (Adjective)
As an adjective it describes something that is in no way superior or inferior to the rest of it's kind.

When describing something as average we often mean it performed it's purpose but with no perks.

Average. (Noun)
As a noun an average is a statisical measurement. In short, an average is the most common thing in a group. In a group of animals for instance, the most common animal might be birds.
The Handbag was average, since it served only it's purpose.

The average number of people in wembley stadium during a match is 75,000
by Super_James April 12, 2009
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Formally, "average" refers to one of two measures of a data set:

The data set's mean: sum all the items in the data set and divide by the number of items summed. If three children have heights of 2 feet, 3 feet, and 5 feet, then their mean height is 3 and 1/3 feet.

Imagine an extra-long yardstick. Now let's say we hang bowling balls of equal weight from the yardstick at the 2-foot mark, the 3-foot mark, and the 5-foot mark. Assuming the bowling balls don't all slide off, the yardstick should balance if it's held near the 3 and 1/3 foot mark. This is a general observation about the mean that might be helpful if you're wondering what to think of it.

The data set's median, or its middle item. If three children have heights of 2 feet, 3 feet, and 5 feet, then their median height is 3 feet. Statisticians disagree on how the median is defined with respect to a data set with an even number of elements.

It's really quite unfortunate the way "average" has come to mean two things. I strongly recommend the use of "mean" or "median" if you know what the fuck you're talking about.

Informally, the word "average" is even more misused. I can accept sentences like "The average adult watches 4.5 hours of television a day," even though they're technically incorrect--a little rhetorical flourish is fine. But the commonly accepted meaning of "average" is certainly **not** "just under par", as some Urban Dictionary users seem to use it.
The average american household has 2.4 cars and 2.5 children.
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The worst insult you could be given. Meaning something that is nothing special or normal and doesn't stand out. Something that is unimpressive can be described as 'average'.
Your dress looks average
by Jack Stagg July 30, 2010
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Term used in solemn, resigned existential angst by a man or woman to describe something that was so horrible and painful that they couldn't possibly stand to relive it.
Wife- "Hi honey, how was work?"
Husband- "Oh, it was average."
by The Governor July 22, 2004
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Someone who is not good but not bad, Being average is being 'Mediocre'.
Sam Brown is average at CS:GO.
I would compare him to Heroic.
by NoobleJoosh September 03, 2017
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