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Something soccer moms think give their children autism.
Soccer mom - How on earth did my son die from the flu?
Average Joe - Did you ever give him a flu Vaccine?
Soccer mom - No I did not want to risk autism.
Average Joe - That will do it.
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by Duff's Beer July 26, 2018
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Hey, I just got sex fever and I'm in need of a remedy, know any available vaccine?
by Kenkka September 21, 2018
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A thing used by medical workers to inject needs filled with dead germs to develop antibodies in order to be "immune" to a certain illness.
Hey, I just got my Chicken pox vaccine, now I can't get it from you crackheads.
by D-Barggers October 03, 2006
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a term commonly used for an awful Day of Defeat player who will probably never get a Positive K:D or Kill to Death ratio.
With such a bad score last match, I think you deserve a new nickname, how about vaccine?
by purepwnageLOL March 24, 2008
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A kind of liquid injected with an injection into the body. Very painful. One of the biggest autism causing things. Some medicine companies think they just defend you from the fucking disease but they just give you the disease. Many vaccines contain: Horse blood! And even pig blood! I have tried them, they almost killed me. They also contain antifreeze! That thing you put in your car to cool the engine. So your car doesn't explode! Booooom! They also contain arsenic! More toxic than mercury! Vaccines aren't even kosher. Fuck vaccines.
Did you get the flu shot? It's very important. Vaccines save lives.
The other one... Shut the fuck up!
by Tinyteacup12345 March 19, 2019
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