1. A huge 1970's Blues Rock supergroup. Released a self-titled song which is played on classic rock radio to this day. They went on hiatus in 1982 but returned in 1986 and were active until 2002.

2. A song by the above band which has been covered so many times that Einstein couldn't come up with a mathematical equation to figure it out.
I went to the Bad Company concert last night and everyone went crazy when the song Bad Company came on.
by Sid Barrett October 13, 2007
The most kick-ass first person shooter made in history. Want to get inside a building, but that wall is blocking? Simple, blow it up! This game is awesome, as everything in the environment is DESTROYABLE. You can blow up houses, blow holes in walls, not to mention it has a fairly entertaining single player mode. It's main awesomeness is featured online, where you can keep ranks, and even take screenshots and they will auto-upload to EA's servers for FREE. It uses the new Frostbite engine, allowing people to mess with the environment, such as also blowing craters into the ground, giving your teammates cover. It features the old conquest mode, as well as the new and popular Gold Rush mode, in which you must either defend or attack gold crates. Now you do not have to worry about idiots hiding all the time, as you can blow away their cover, leaving them for dead.
Person 1: Hey, I'm going to play Call of Duty 4, you in?

Person 2: Why? So some idiot can hide behind a wall all day? No thank you.

Person 1: What are you talking about? All games are like that!

Person 2: Not Battlefield Bad company, you can blow apart walls with awesome weapons!

Person 1: Be right back. *goes and shoots Call of Duty 4*

Person 2: Going to go get Battlefield Bad Company now?

Person 1: Hell yea!
by Da Milkman December 22, 2008
Battlefield: Bad Company (also known as Bad Company or BF: BC) is a first-person shooter developed at EA DICE, released in the U.S. on June 23 2008 3 for ...

Battlefield: Bad Company (also known as Bad Company or BF: BC) is a first-person shooter developed at EA DICE, released in the U.S. on June 23 2008 3 for ...

by BFBC August 13, 2008
Very likely the best team-based first-person shooter currently on the market.

Bad Company 2 incorporates highly destructible environments, four-man squads as part of the overall team (as in real warfare), and realistic effects such as bullets taking time to reach their targets due to distance and bullet drop due to gravity (which makes sniping a bit difficult, but more skillful and tactical than that retarded quickscoping nonsense).

Set in the near future with an array of modern weaponry to choose from, players have access to four "kits," which include: Assault, Medic, Engineer, and Recon.

With very large maps and the option to engage in vehicular combat, players cannot adhere to a single style of play, whether they like it or not. Despite this reality, players still like to use the Medic kit because you don't have to reload as often with an LMG; and they still use the Recon kit because sniping doesn't require too much effort on their part.
Person 1: Hey! Do ya wanna play some MW2?

Person 2: Modern Warfail 2? Pssh! I'm gonna go play Battlefield Bad Company 2 where you need skill and teamwork in order to win.

by Mach Twain July 10, 2011
A first person shooter game, set in a modern warfare context, popular for its online play. Released by EA and created by the game studio DICE.
Person 1: I love Modern Warfare 2, it almost makes me feel like someone cares about me.

Person 2: Dude, Modern Warfare 2 is like Battlefield Bad Company 2's retarded cousin.
by Dr Pimper April 9, 2010
The next generation of the Battlefield serious, rumored to be the final stage before the mysterious Battlefield 3 is announced.

Bad Company 2 features the new Frostbite 2.0 allowing for even more destructible environments, meaning no longer can you take down a full wall by one grenade, only a small hole is opened up.

Bad Company 2 is also the first M rated game in the Battlefield serious, due to the language and blood.

It's also the first Frostbite game that will be available for PC. A beta of it is released on November 19th, but for Playstation 3 only, meaning the forums were flooded with whining Xbox 360 players. The PC beta also comes out sometime in December.

The game is scheduled to be released on March 2nd, 2009.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 is rumored to be able to compete with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
by Da Milkman November 14, 2009
The game Call of Duty try hard fans hate to admit is actually better than Call of Duty. This is because the game has an destructible environment which means if you blow a grenade up in a house, it would be altered.

You can even make your camping spots, and YES, camping is mandatory in this game. It is actually the closest you will come to a real-like war FPS game. The it actually has gravity, and if you want to camp and get a head shot from long range, you would have to aim above someone's head.

Call of Duty Fan: Dude! I just got a 31:0 K/D Ratio in MW2!
Old Call of Duty Fan: Dude, I will not worship you unless you do that shit in Battlefield Bad Company 2.
by NotACallOfDutyTryHardFan April 7, 2011