Has contemporary usage as a self-identifier and a term of endearment used online by individuals who self-identify as non-neurotypical. Although often used light-heartedly, and seemingly in jest, it reflects underlying non-typical struggles can manifest as the tendency towards introversion, social isolation, obsessive thinking, anxiety, difficulty maintaining eye contact, social awkwardness and missing common social queues, and a feeling that they do not fit it to normal society. The colloquial usage reflects a recognise of common struggles, shared ability and a steadfast refusal for it to be defined as a disorder in any form. It is not a problem to be fixed, but different way of being, and possibly an adaptation to growing up and socialising online.

Although not clinically-diagnosed as autistic, self-identified austists recognise traits that place them somewhere on the spectrum, are often very high-functioning and analytic, and whilst still feel very deeply, are often lower in emotional intelligence and emotional control, and tend to be obsessive in their pursuit and immersion in their interests.
Hello, fellow autists.
by Josehsan January 29, 2021
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The singular form of autistic. Usually in reference to those who play sandbox games such as minecraft other than actual autistic peoples.
by Steve the First March 29, 2011
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the word that you call ppl with the autism spectrum thing
i’m a autist and I have adhd
by fordashy is gay December 8, 2022
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Autist Is The Singular Word For An Autistic Person, It Is NOT An Insult And Should Not Be Used In Such Manner. Those Who Do (Including Some On This Page) Are Just Offending Me (An Autist) And All Other Autistic People.
James Was An Autist

by TFDOfficial January 7, 2019
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1. a pervasive developmental disorder of children, characterized by impaired communication, excessive rigidity, and emotional detachment: now considered one of the autism spectrum disorders. 2. An overrused and annoying insult being thrown around the internet by little kids who don't actually know what autism is but use it as an insult anyways because they see everyone else online doing it and want to "fit in" or be funny.
Person 1: *is a fan of something person 2 doesn't like*
Person 2: "omg hahah what an autistic loser lolololololo XDfdDddDDDDdD im so funny!1!11!11!"
by I don't know lmao August 19, 2019
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A word used to describe someone who is greatly invested in or addicted to a particular thing such as a genre of games/movies/tv shows. Said person has a select set of views and high standards for the thing they are so obsessed with
He’s such car autist. Whenever he hears someone talking about them he always shows off pictures of his own car and why his is better than everyone else’s.

Yeah, I am a monitor autist. If it isn’t high refresh rate, 1ms response, 27 inches, HD, and rotatable, it’s garbage.

Person 1: The American flag at my local hospital is displayed improperly and doesn’t follow the flag code. Why are they so stupid? It’s ridiculous!

Person 2: Why are you such an American flag autist? Big deal dude, get over it.
by Untied November 20, 2019
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As a slang term, an autist is someone who is severely socially inept due to a lack of exposure to people and social situations.

On the internet and in casual usage, an autist is usually not intended to mean someone who was born with autism. Rather, the term is used to indicate someone who is just "bad with people" -- not due to a medical condition, but primarily due to spending too much pursuing anti-social activities (i.e. too much time on the computer).

Autist is synonymous with terms such as nerd, dork, dweeb, etc.
Bronies, conspiracy theorists, robots, and fundamentalists are all autists.
by D. Y. Vetz September 28, 2020
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