Singular version for someone who is autistic.
*someone starts flossing*
β€œWhat an autist”
by Rooooooray November 18, 2019
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An autistic person that is also an artist.
Person 1: Wow this painting is so good.
Person 2: Yeah I heard an autist painted it.
by xxkillerxxO September 29, 2015
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Loose translation for retard, which is derogatory slang for a stupid person.
Who's the autist who left the milk out?
by theVoid620 March 30, 2004
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Someone who is miles ahead of everyone else in Pokemon GO.
Person 1: I know this autist guy who is way ahead in Pokemon GO because he's been spoofing.
Person 2: Yea I know someone like that too. We don't even play with him, and try to not include him
when we go out and get gyms. It's just not fun unless you earn it. We have a groupchat and he's always talking about how he's ahead and nobody ever responds, shit's awkward.
by AylaMao July 22, 2016
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A rude word that should never be used
youtuber :*records decent video and posts it on youtube*
person 2:Nice Video keep up the good work!
person 2:you that this?You are both autists and faggots
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