Autism speaks is a group full of selfish cunts and say wrong thing about the autism spectrum
Autism speaks are a bunch of cunts and die
by Bob the uk man December 15, 2018
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A corrupt and hateful organization that views autism as a disease that needs to be cured, in which close-minded moms will end up pouring massive amounts of money into in order to make their children "the perfect child." They view autistic people as sub-humans who are incapable of love and affection, in which they'll end up using torturous methods such as ABA therapy to convert them to acting "normal." This is a pure example of corporate greed as they are using fear mongering techniques in order to gain as much money as possible even though less than 10% of all the money they receive actually goes to helping the families themselves. There's a reason why so many autistics (including me) heavily despise Autism Speaks and that's because they aren't even listening to the actual autistic people themselves. Instead, They decide to listen to the parents, who are often too ignorant to understand how we actually feel.
Pro Tip: Go to Autistic Self Advocacy Network. It is way better than Autism Speaks in every way and doesn't spread hateful messages about autism.
by Dubiks January 16, 2019
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a hate group. the leaders of Autism $peaks have gone into detail of fantasies of murdering their autistic children.
Coming from an Autistic person i can say that autism speaks is a hate group.
by LaLaLesbian May 19, 2019
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A company founded in 2005 by bob and suzanne wright after hearing the devastating news that their grandson christian was diagnosed with autism and so they were hell bent on finding a cure so they can bring their son back from the dead from their own delusional world. This company is despised by many autistics like me because of their idea of curing autism and autism being tragic because it destroys marriages, bankrupts their families, and the use of biomedical treatment to possibly harm or kill autistics.
Autism speaks speaks all lies about autistics in saying we are tragic and are responsible of the destruction of our parent's marriages and causing them to go bankrupt but in reality that's all lies because we learn how to love our parents and be able to enjoy life unlike what autism speaks says in their autism every day video. Autism speaks can go to hell for all I care because of their idea to cure autism for good and without it there would be no me anymore.
by avidgames91091 October 18, 2011
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The people at Autism Speaks are committing hate crimes against the autistic community.
by Dubiks January 18, 2019
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But they don't listen to real autistic people. For some reason people and big companies support them despite AS' fuckups. Probably blackmail or some shit.
One time I went to a TJ Maxx and on the intercom an employee said that 50% of purchases were going to be donated to Autism Speaks. I left immediately to Target. The store sucked anyways.
by Corn-Sizzurp May 18, 2021
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When someone fucks something up - you jokingly imply they have autism.
Person #1: "Dude, that guy just tripped on his way to asking out that girl."
Person #2: "Autism Speaks"
by Duhst September 30, 2019
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