A type of "therapy" that forces autistic children to conform to normal societal expectations instead of appreciating them for who they are. This requires them to work with "therapists" 20-40 hours a week in which they'll comply to act however way his/her parents want them to act even if it's physically and psychologically scarring. A lot of times the "therapists" will force autistic people to not stim or restrict meltdowns. They'll also emotionally manipulate their clients in which they reward them for being obedient and restricting their natural habits. This can often lead them to being overly obedient and anxious later in life in which they'll be scared to stand up for themselves for what is right.
Me: Poor Timmy has PTSD from all that ABA therapy he's endured.
Friend: Those fucking assholes. Why can't they just let us be ourselves and express ourselves in our own unique ways. It's not like we're hurting anyone while doing it.
Me: Because money that's why.
by Dubiks January 15, 2019
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