Disrespectful brat who makes quick money on the side to get a vainglorious item or for showboating.
Damina: Hey girl, are you driving to Buffalo?

Random coworker: Yes I'm going shopping.

Damina: Can you buy me brand name accessories, i'll give you 500$.

Random coworker: You're being such an Aton!
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
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The word "bummer" misspelled using T9 word text format on some mobile carriers.

Also as a synonym for the word "bummer" - not cool, lame, "that sucks", etc.
Emily: "Dude! I have a double exam in French tomorrow!"

Justin: "Atones, dude!"
by J_dog April 28, 2008
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Aton, the best friend anyone could ask for. he is extremely loyal and very caring. sometimes has humor that is hard to understand. he will always be there for you when it counts. defends family and friends. when you meet an Aton never lose him... because that would be the worst mistake you could ever make. He has his feminine side at times but that's what makes him relatable to girls.
Omg, my bf is such an Aton
by Kyle Abraham May 6, 2019
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I literally know everything, but life is STILL hard, probably because I forgot to accept the atonement.
by TheRealSpiritMan January 18, 2023
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awesome, man with large penis, extremely seductive to women, attractive, hot guy
by Anthony Beard February 12, 2009
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The superficial, overgratuitous, and "too little too late" speech that comes at the end of a poorly serviced restaurant meal from a neglegent waitress in the hopes that she might still get a tip.
Waitress: "why THANK you SO MUCH for honoring us with your visit tonight!! Is there ANYTHING else I can get for you? ANYTHING at all? Do you just want a bill? I've got it right here. Thank you SO MUCH!"

Customer: "Um, how about the two cokes we asked for a half an hour ago while you were in the back picking your nose? God you're a stupid bitch. I'm not giving you a tip for that shitty tip atonement."
by Scottee Mac January 8, 2006
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