11 definitions by TERminalambiaNCe

A secluded cabin deep in the woods where rape is inevitable.
Raja: I'm heading up to Mason's Kabina next Saturday.

Arthur: I dont know about you but I'm not ready for an ass pounding.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
Oversized nipples predominately found on obese black women.
Tyler: I heard you took Clarice home last night. How was it?

Reakwon: Don't even get me started on her mountain moles...
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
Disrespectful brat who makes quick money on the side to get a vainglorious item or for showboating.
Damina: Hey girl, are you driving to Buffalo?

Random coworker: Yes I'm going shopping.

Damina: Can you buy me brand name accessories, i'll give you 500$.

Random coworker: You're being such an Aton!
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
Excess layer of droopy fat found hanging below a redneck's package.
Cooter: I can see your Redneck Testicle Mudflap in those new skinny jeans.

Earl: Curse you Cooter!
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
A group of middle class and bored adolescents who smash gallons of juice, milk, and other fluids at local supermarkets for youtube stardom and for the purpose of a supposed prank.
Eric Steinberg: Hey man, my mom left me her Bmw, so we can go to the Metro and do some Gallon Gluttony.

Chad Dawkins:Oh bro! Nice, lemme get my cam so we can get some views!
by TERminalambiaNCe March 11, 2013
Pre-pubescent male that has poor decision making skills like, piercing his own genitals with his father's nail gun.
Stanislav: Oh my Lawd! What did you do to your nuts?

Walker: What?! You don't like my new bull ring?
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012
European version of a cloth covered in male protein stains.
Stacy: I've heard you've got new carpets...

Heather: It's only been a week since we had them put in, and Brian's already turned them into a Jizzraggle.
by TERminalambiaNCe August 29, 2012