A condition when the Fecal Impaction of the Colon is so solid and an has become an immobile bulk mass of human feces that develops one's rectum as it has a resulted in a solid mass of constipation in one's ass, such that, it feels as if it is, “Chocked Full O' Nuts” which will not pass under normal circumstances and may have to be dug out with one's fingers or similar tools. i.e., "to shit a brick!"
Tommy: "You ok in their… Won?"

Won: "Oh yes yes, me mighty fine, it is my ass that is the problem, and I am in a state of constipated and my ass is full of Asteroids and feels like it is Chocked Full O' Nuts”.

Jim: "What's the hold up with you two guys in this restroom; it’s time to watch the game."

Tommy: "Oh, it's Won; again, he say's his butt is so clogged up with Asteroids that he just can't shit and is in a lot of pain.

Jim: "What?"

Joe: "Oh, hell you guys, I have been telling you for years that Won is just full of shit."

Jim: “What a crock of shit, we are going to miss the game.”

Bobby: “Who gives a shit?”

Tommy: “Well, evidently Won does!”
by Billy BullSchitter April 23, 2017
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When your cumshot destroys your surroundings
Hey man i just shot some asteroids at my red bull can and knocked it over.
by flavourman April 5, 2009
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You might think huge rock but it’s actually a drug you might find while playing a video game
Person 1:Bro I found some Asteroids!

Person 2: Wait what? You mean Steroids?

Person 1:Nah man! Asteroids!
by RobotSkeleton27 January 21, 2020
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A classic arcade game that was made by Atari where you had to shoot asteroids off of the screen. It was black and white but awesome at the time.
I'm going to the Arcade to play Asteroids tonight.
by pablowisdom August 20, 2016
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A miniature robotic vessel that enters through the anus>
pronounce Ass-Droid
That asteroid was very uncomfortable in an interesting way.
by Super Ditsydus July 4, 2010
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This word adequately replaces haemorrhoid. It sounds more appropriate!
The angle of the dangle of my asteroids is driving me barmy and they itch like hell!
by John F. Tomlinson. March 28, 2003
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Any vehicle, especially on the Interstate, driving ten or more miles an hour under the speed limit. See also asteroid field.
All these asteroids puttering down the road are killing me.
by Whitebred April 4, 2004
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