A coin-operated machine that usually is in restaurants,shopping malls,laundromats,movie theaters,collage campuses,and other public places.Arcade games started to get popular in the late 1970's & the early 1980's.Arcades such as Pong,Space Invaders,Pac Man,and Donkey Kong were popular.
The arcade popularity was beginning to fade due to the reputation of arcades being unsafe and video game console technology was improving.In the 1990's fighting games were making arcades popular again.New generation of Games like Street Fighter II ,Mortal Kombat,Fatal Fury,and Killer Instinct were extremely popular and lead to competitive two player battles.By the mid-90's,Computers were more popular due to the technology of graphics and more customizable.Fighting games were more popular than other games due to the face-to-face competition and game tournaments,which it meant that players practiced more and spent more money,however they could not support the business by themselves.

Many old video game arcades have closed down and now arcades are just a hobby for arcade collectors.Arcades are now more a social hangout place and focused on an individual's performance like rhythm games as Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and BeatMania and rail shooters like The House of the Dead 4 and Area 51.Emulators like MAME,which run a lot of arcade games through a modern computer,it's used to preserve the history of arcade game history.Xbox Live and Wii Virtual Console has emulated arcade games through there online service.Most arcades are in chain entertainment centers combined with food restaurants and bar environment.Today most arcades are dedicated to emulators or restored by collectors.Mame arcade cabinets are more fun and better than the original cabinets because they have thousands of emulated games,high quality speakers and can be smaller due to the popularity of LCD monitors.
various arcade games:
Space Invaders
Mrs.Pac Man
Raiden 3
Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
Street Fighter II
Mortal Kombat
The House of the Dead 4
Killer Instinct
Tekken 6
WWF Wrestlemania:The Arcade Game
Area 51
by DH85 June 1, 2009
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1. A great place where you can go to play video games. Very popular in the 80's.

2. An awesome band formed by Fred Coury of Cinderella, and Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, in the early 90's.
1. Hey man, I went to the arcade last night and kicked this one guy's ass when I played him at Mortal Kombat!

2. I was listening to "Dancin' With The Angels" by Arcade last night, that is one awesome band!
by TZR September 25, 2005
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THE most boring town of New York. Full of stoners, sluts, wangsters and drunks. There are only two activities to do in Arcade: walk around town and eat. Don't look for it on a map. It's not there. But it's distict school has recently been put on the map thanks to sluts posting porn on the internet.
"Lets go to Arcade for our summer vacation!"
by Celetaise Elric May 25, 2008
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A vulgar word for the inside of a cum sack where the cum is stored.
I ejaculated out of my Arcade
My Arcade Exploded
by CBCentral September 7, 2020
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Arcade is a lovable and very kind to another people he doesn't like to hurt other people. He loves to be kind everywhere he goes. So if you find a Arcade in your life your very lucky to find a lucky man named Arcade.
Arcade is very kind and well behaved to others. Making sure everything is going great and to be kind.
by 1.5 June 8, 2021
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v. The act of going to an arcade and a) playing arcade machines, b) hanging out, or c) kicking its butt.
Friday we totally arcaded the night away because all the games were on free play!
by gorfendall March 21, 2006
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In love with arcades. Addicted to the screen in a brainwashed fashion. Also applicable to people who build gaming arcade machines.
His girlfriend was arcaded, she's been playing all day! She was so arcaded, she hadn't realized she spent hours soldering wires to her controls!
by m0llym0nst3r July 9, 2012
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