Meaning eccentric, daft, insane, crazy, not quite right in the head. Etc.
Originated from England.
You're bloody barmy. You know that right?
by Maymi Weiner August 28, 2008
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adj. 1.) extremely silly
2.) One who is extremely silly
1. "It's plain barmy of you to think he is a still a virgin at 22!"

2. "Oh, nevermind Sarah. She's not all bad, she's just barmy."
by Alexandra July 27, 2004
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That man has been stabbing people with knives! He's so barmy!
by WoofJr July 2, 2017
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Acronym for Be A Role Model Yourself. Coined by young people working to address online discrimination for a EU project called ICUD during November 2013
To end a discriminatory post on a social media thread you would type BARMY
by icudblog November 23, 2013
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Originally refered to English cricket supporters traveling to Australia to watch the ashes series in 1994/95. Barmy because of all the money they spent to get there to warch a team who had no hope of winning (they didn't). Army because of the 100's of them who would all sit together, cheering on and supporting the team.

It is now generally used for any large group of English cricket supporters on tour anywhere in the world. It can occasionally be used to include other English teams - It's use for rugby is just about acceptable but certainly not for football.
'Atherton's Barmy Army'
by Revrat October 23, 2007
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Prince Philip :"Liz, why has Prince Harry got a funny titfer?"

Trouble and strife :"Oh Philip, don't you ever read the Currant Bun? He's joined the daft and barmy!"
by Lee 74 October 28, 2008
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Army-barmy is when a squaddie is so obsessed and in love with the army and military things in general that his entire life revolves around being cammed up,ops,and generally ready to mangle,strangle,stab,shoot or shag anything or anyone, with, and possibly without, a pulse.Not just being content to keep these awe-inspiring facts to himself he will persist in droning on for hours and hours about his impressive knowledge of the martial art thus boring shitless his family,friends and neighbours.The ROYAL MARINES and the PARA-REG are famous for this affliction.
My brother became army-barmy after joining the guards,his wife once told me (after we'd being shagging one day)that even on their honey-moon he'd insist on inspecting her feet for blisters before bed and in the morning he'd wake her up with bucket of cold water and an enthousiastic "Hands off cocks, on socks!"
by Steve CHUTER November 27, 2006
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