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An internet personality on YouTube that does video games but other funny videos as well. Has also been known to do inspiration vidoes as well. Often has colored hair.
I'm going to watch Markplier tonight on YouTube.
by pablowisdom August 16, 2016

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Where you go when you want to eat pussy or suck a dick
Tonight I'm going down there on my woman.
by pablowisdom August 25, 2016

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When you decide to fuck someone after watching a sex scene in a video game....
I just had to have video game sex with her after watching Cintra in Far Cry 3!!!
by pablowisdom August 14, 2016

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What happens after you get hit in a video game for a few seconds to help you pass a seemingly impossible point in the game
Oh, man, Mario just got hit by a goomba. Now he's small. Wait he can use his damage boost and get past the Thwomps quickly.
by pablowisdom June 05, 2017

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When you hang your Boobs Out for Harambe to support him.
I'm going to hang my Boobs Out for Harambe
by pablowisdom August 28, 2016

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A term for an arcade game that is designed to kill you very easily as it is impossible to get through without losing a life, thus, zaps your allowance away quickly.
I have my weekly allowance of $10. Let's play that quarter muncher game, Smash TV.
by pablowisdom August 19, 2016

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That damn animal that you want to shoot at when you miss the damn ducks
I just missed shooting the ducks with the Zapper. Now I want to shoot the damn Duck Hunt dog!!!
by pablowisdom August 15, 2016

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