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When you and your partner both reach the "climax" at the same exact time. In other words, the guy releases and the girl has the orgasm at the same time.
Wow!!! Last night was epic!! My girl and I finished at the same time!! We had sexual satisfaction!!
by pablowisdom August 19, 2016
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What you do with your partner but you keep your undies on. You both however still may "finish" the deed. If so, you will have wet undies.
Tonight, my girlfried and I are gonna have a sexual simulation so we can see how it is for when we get married.
by pablowisdom August 19, 2016
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An internet personality on YouTube that does video games but other funny videos as well. Has also been known to do inspiration vidoes as well. Often has colored hair.
I'm going to watch Markplier tonight on YouTube.
by pablowisdom August 17, 2016
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When a trio of nerds get together, like a trinity but cooler..
Those three nerds just formed a nerdinity.
by pablowisdom November 17, 2016
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Nerd ability, the art of being a nerd to perfection.
Sky should get a gold medal for nerdistry with those glasses and suspenders.
by pablowisdom August 28, 2016
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The amount you put aside to go to comic-cons and buy nerdy shit.
I'm going to take my nerd money to the comic-con today.
by pablowisdom September 20, 2016
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