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Racially, Assyrians -- like most Middle Eastern people -- are classified as Caucasian.

The Assyrians look quite similar to Southern Europeans (Greeks, Italians, Maltese, etc) and also Persian people. So they are Mediterranean.

Most Assyrians are fair-skinned. Though, there are lots that are olive and dark-skinned. Mediterranean
Lighter Assyrians are found in Northern Iraq/Turkey.

Darker ones are found in the south of Iraq.
by Boardwalk July 16, 2009
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The nationality that i am. A race of super sexy middle easterns that are all some how related that know everyone as cousins.
Assyrian:Whatup cousin!!!111
Me: Dude i dont even know you, but your still probably my cousin so SUP!
by Sotel April 27, 2005
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-Beautiful & Sexy People

-Originally from Iraq

-About 400,000 living in Chicago itself & the suburbs of Chicago (Skokie, Roselle, Des plaines, ext)

-Hard working people

-Mostly rich as fuck

-The women are VERY beautiful

-The men are SO gorgeous

-They don't give a shit about anything expect the important things in life: Family (friends are already considered family) and Prosperity

-They own Chicago

-They all have to take care of themselves (nice hair, brand-name clothing, and nice body)

-Thee prettiest people ever known to man

-If you mess with an Assyrian, they'll call up their cousins&/friends to come beat your ass up (so don't talk shit about ANY of them)

-Their food is FANTASTIC

-They can be very kind and funny, or very ignorant, stubborn, strict (as any group can be)

-They love being Assyrian
by SexyAssyrian123 May 06, 2010
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Indigenous Christian people of the Middle East, as well as founders of the empires of Assyria and Babylonia. Commonly referenced in the Bible, Assyrians created one of the most historically organized systems of government and society. Assyrians were the first civilization to establish a system of common laws, a library system, and are recognized as inventors of the wheel. Throughout history, Assyrians have been subjected to massive genocide. There are currently only 3.3 million Assyrians living today, with about half the global Assyrian population living in Iraq. Locations with the largest concentrations of Assyrians in the United States, which is the home to about 400,000 Assyrians, are the Chicago, IL area with about 70,000 Assyrians, and the Modesto, CA area with about 20,000 Assyrians. Also see Chaldeans, or Catholic Assyrians.
With the coming of Christ, Assyrians were one of the first people who accepted Christianity.
by YB February 05, 2005
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A lot of Assyrians are too proud of their roots, so they love proving that Chaldeans are really Assyrians.

Let me say, if you are Chaldean, more than likely, you are historically Catholic. The name came from the Catholic church back in the 15th century to break ties Chaldeans (babylonians at the time) from their previous ties identities to other groups. Chaldeans maintain full communion with the Pope in Rome today.

But the Assyrian population is not constrained by the Catholic religion. There are many different religious affiliations with the Assyrian identity, such as the Assyrian Church of the East, Assyrian Evangelical Church, and Assyrian Pentecostal Church, to name a few.

Assyrian Catholics and Chaldean Catholics are ancient people, and chaldeans, syriacs, and assyrians came from one people and then split off into 3 groups, but both groups have evolved, so for anyone to say we are the same people are extremely ignorant.

But let's say we are all Assyrian. Taking this information from the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), 45% of Assyrians are Chaldeans (i.e. THE MAJORITY). The Assyrian identity proponents want a majority to change their name?

Finally, as a little anecdote, as my uncle/boss was reading the article (he is around 38 years old), he asked me "what is an Assyrian?" If that doesn't clearly illustrate to you why we shoud not change our name, then I don't know what will. If a man does not even know what an Assyrian is, how can we forge through the trenches and call him an Assyrian, something he knows nothing about?

Chaldeans can unite with Assyrians not through name change; it is completely unnecessary and irrelevant. When you say "Save Christians of Iraq" that encompasses all Christians, not just Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Syriacs. "Assyrian" is NOT a great unifier. Whoever decided to start this whole Assyrian campaign is an idiot. It is offensive, unintelligent, and based on hubris. It is the sole reason that there is a division today. I'm happy that Chaldeans aren't laying down and taking everything they are being spoon fed for face value. I am one of those THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Chaldeans.

Chaldeans seperating from Assyrians is older from the Americans seperating from the English. Does that make Americans truly English? NO.

- H.S.

Brando (syriac): Okay, let's call ourselves syrian and get the land

Sargon (assyrian): NEVER!

Yousif (chaldean): Yeah, you tell 'em, Brando!
by swedennnnnnnnn September 04, 2008
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