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Niggas from some lil ass country in Europe. They love food, (Seasoned Tomatoes) and have over 800 cousins. Most Albanians don’t even live in Albania. They will steal ur food in a heartbeat. They really don’t give a singular fuck about anything else but food and memes. They are true savages and will rape ur uglass. Their Aunts will get mad if they date anyone that isn’t Albanians. There is usually 1 Albanian per school. Hide ur food bc it will be GONE. They all look alike, and all have brown hair. It is more common to see a thicc Albanian than a thicc white girl.
Albanians are fye
by Headass boy June 09, 2018
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1)One of my most ancient cultures in the world. Descendants of the Illyrians. Known for women with beautiful black eyes and amazing curves.
2)The most unique language in the world. It does not branch from anything. It is enriched by great literary figures such as Ismail Kadare and Ndre Mjeda.
3) Brave and happy person
4)Good dancer and swimmer
The Albanian landscape is the true paradise of nature.

I love it when you whisper "Te Dua" in Albanian
by Andrea T May 17, 2005
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Some pretty awsome people, usually have accents, they usually have many cousins, and are soccer fanatics.
Person 1: Man, those people are cool.
Person 2: Yeah, the Albanians.
Person 1: Wow, I wish I was that!
by az-albo June 17, 2009
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they are kind and caring.
if u hate them no one gives a shit because we have lives.
It is the most beautiful place in the whole world.
if u never went there then u are missing out.

by albanianprincess<33 March 17, 2009
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Descendants of the Illyrians and Pelasgians. They own the land of Present day Albania,Kosovo,Macedonia,Greece, and Serbia. They are the kindest people by letting serbian and greek immigrants work on their land and take care of their donkeys.
Hey that serb and greek are kissing that dude's feet.

Nah man that's not just any dude it's an ALBANIAN
by Serbs raped my donkey =( July 26, 2008
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Shqiptar from Shqiperia Land of Eagles.

for the fucking idiot above albania is not part of Baltics you ignorant sick son of a bitch nigger.
Mr Gekko is Albanian and you can kiss his ass just like your momma told you.
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they go harder then Italians ever will . They are defintion of a true gangsters . If you think different then you could leave because whe know we are the shit! They usually live in New York and not all of them are in K-mob only the unmarried ones are. They cook five star meals and have good girls no hos! They are clean and respectful overall nice people and are too good for any other religions.
Standards= Pretty Clean & organized not a ho!

Albanian girls should know how to cook
Albanian guys = Party Hard and have nice cars most are respectful

Ex. Albanians
by WeRunNY May 08, 2010
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