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-Beautiful & Sexy People

-Originally from Iraq

-About 400,000 living in Chicago itself & the suburbs of Chicago (Skokie, Roselle, Des plaines, ext)

-Hard working people

-Mostly rich as fuck

-The women are VERY beautiful

-The men are SO gorgeous

-They don't give a shit about anything expect the important things in life: Family (friends are already considered family) and Prosperity

-They own Chicago

-They all have to take care of themselves (nice hair, brand-name clothing, and nice body)

-Thee prettiest people ever known to man

-If you mess with an Assyrian, they'll call up their cousins&/friends to come beat your ass up (so don't talk shit about ANY of them)

-Their food is FANTASTIC

-They can be very kind and funny, or very ignorant, stubborn, strict (as any group can be)

-They love being Assyrian
"Ay yo bro, Them Assyrians OWN Chi-Town!".
by SexyAssyrian123 May 06, 2010
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