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when someone sucks up so badly to another person, that they are literally up their ass 24/7, which gives them the brown nose
Paul: dude chris is such a brown noser.
Doug: ya i know.
Paul: no man, i mean he actually has a peice of shit on his nose.
by Sotel May 03, 2005

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The nationality that i am. A race of super sexy middle easterns that are all some how related that know everyone as cousins.
Assyrian:Whatup cousin!!!111
Me: Dude i dont even know you, but your still probably my cousin so SUP!
by Sotel April 27, 2005

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1) removing of organs
2) what i would like to do to all the sick pedaphile fucks in this world
i want to disembowel that bastard with my knife
by Sotel May 15, 2005

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what faggots masturbate to when they cant find any good porn on their computer
Fag: OMG ( o Y o ) THATS SO HOT!!111
Me: Get a life you fruitcake.
by Sotel April 27, 2005

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One of the most boring,gay,annoying, and most pointless movie ever made.Most of its dumbass phrases are quoted by fat girls that love the movie and have no brains, and gay people.
Some Fat Bitch: I didnt mean to, gosh.
by Sotel April 27, 2005

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