A mystical creature that comes out of the depths of neverland but only when there is a full moon and it is the 7th hour of the 7th day of the 7th month. The elves will usually come out if you scream "i want to poop inside your mouth." They are very violent and could possibly rip your face off and eat it then shove it in their dickholes or vaginas if a female
An Ass Elf from neverland came out this evening and ripped my face off because i screamed "i want to poop inside your mouth."
by Daniel poopypantsalot January 09, 2010
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One of santa's little helpers. He escaped from the Asylum up north. Now he hides in peoples behinds, usually in the rectum. If you detect an Ass elf early, you won't have to dig it out with plyers.
"If Jimmy left that Ass elf in for 2 more days, they would've had to rip him a new one just to get it out."
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A gay man who wears designer leather shoes that resemble that an elf would wear.
"With those shoes, I would say he was an ass elf."
by Theoneandonlybigperm January 09, 2012
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