Aspin or asong pinoy is Philippine Native dog. They used to be called askal, a combination of the Filipino words “aso” (dog) and “kalye” (street) . But in the early 2000 they were given a more appropriate and socially acceptable name "Aspin."
I adopted a cute little aspin yesterday.
by caraan June 13, 2019
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Something that is fascinating from the perspective that it is incredibly aspie
"According to wikipedia conversations and such from No One Lives Forever place the game's chronology to be around the last week of September, 1967. That is aspinating."
by Tiiim June 25, 2008
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Aspin is a fucking bitch she uses all of the people that dates her
by The litter January 31, 2017
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The most beautiful, inspiring girl who has been through so much but still puts a smile on thousands of people on a daily. Sophie Aspin is one of the most strongest women the exist ever. Also one of the most unreal, beautiful girls ever!
Rah that Sophie Aspin is stunning!
by Scarlettandrewx April 26, 2021
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albino who is ginger, gets burnt on a winter day
"wow, it's really cold out here, and riley aspin looks really burnt"
by hi1234567898765 December 18, 2017
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To slap a dime brizzle in the dome with your pizzle
Shut your yap boo before I aspin slap you!
by Big Delta Nyne November 20, 2004
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Lewis Aspin is one of the most sexiest lads in the world. If u have a Lewis Aspin he will make u laugh and laugh. If u have a boyfriend called Lewis Aspin U will be so lucky because he won’t always mess anything up. He is one the best athletes around. Sports they are good at: Football,Running and basketball. U are lucky if u are with a Lewis Aspin
Lewis Aspin is on of the best lads around
by Jaaacob4 January 9, 2018
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