Deqavis is a term of endearment and sometimes when you say it it might feel real weird to the other person because sometimes it can mean that you have a huge cock like huge like thanos size that would go in your buthole and penetrate your abdomen.
by Anarchyrng March 04, 2019
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Dequavious is a very complicated person at times. He's tall, nice and mean at points in time, and pretty chill. He is a loving person who got love for errone, until they fuck him over, then he comin fo their head. He really has a soft spot when it comes down to his baby. He will give ha da world, no matter what. He a real ride or die. Overall, He's The Perfect Guy, Plus He's An Athlete.
"Girl Look At Dequavious"
"Mmm Damn. Whoeva His Bae Is, Dey Lucky"
"Periodt Sis"
by TheyCrxcifiedJesus March 28, 2019
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Dequavis is a big black man who is a enforcer 100% of the time he will body you so hard he get dropped into a other dimension.
Me: Theres a Dequavis on the other team.
Friend: Oh shit we are screwed.
by Blake Bretton December 09, 2017
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