An aspie is one who has Asperger's Syndrome, which is believed to be part of the autism spectrum. Aspies, while being quite gifted verbally, have social, emotional, and sensory integration difficulties, among others. Aspie is an affectionate term, and is not meant as a put down.
My son is an aspie, so he's not so great at making idle chit chat at parties, or even at being in crowds, but he can get us home from anywhere. He says he just consults the map in his brain.
by Susan Taggart July 10, 2005
One afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum.

The disorder causes social and often motor impairments but those who have it are often very intelligent and have particularly strong interests.

Used mostly among Aspies themselves.
"Most people don't realize the trouble an aspie has socially."
by Dan Grover June 18, 2004
a geek of intelligence and perserverance. Interesting, but not much into small talk.
Ooooh! Aspies are so hot!
by Mac Mama Geek June 29, 2004
Really a term pointing out the personality type of people who may or may not be diagnosed with the Asperger's syndrome diagnosis. It is NOT "a nickname for someone with that diagnosis", the aspie term points to the personality type as such, not to the clinical diagnosis.

Many aspies function too well in life to ever get the clinical diagnosis, since the criteria includes "the disturbance causes clinically significant impairments in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning."

Within the aspie community, the aspie term is for all of the people with the aspie personality style.

Many with Asperger's syndrome (or next of kin to people with the diagnosis) shun the concept of "being your diagnosis" and therefore don't consider themselves aspies, but very literally just "a person with Asperger's syndrome".

So, an "aspie" is a person with an aspie personality who believes in the aspie concept and considers himself/herself an aspie. Many who have Asperger's syndrome are not aspies, and many who don't have the clinical diagnosis and won't ever get one may be aspies.
I think NN may be an aspie...
by RuMP March 3, 2012
Is/are observable
For the tears you've flooded aspie.
by Hercolena Oliver August 24, 2009
he's an aspie
i don't like the phrase 'i am a person with aspergers', i call myself an aspie
by BearIncognito March 22, 2018
This term is an affectionate nickname for those with Asperger's syndrome. It was the idea of parents/relatives of aspies.

Aspies are healthy mentally, their brain's just wired a different way.
I am an Aspie. That is, a person with asperger's syndrome. Some of the definitions on asperger's on here are questionable at best, at worst, so ignorant as to be offensive.

Someone who claims to be an aspie ((the one that mentions a pill about the size of a tic-tac)) would be more believable had they omitted the clause of it being made up.

by Walking Talking Dictionary September 11, 2006