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1. Alexander Skarsgard as is affectionately called by his fans
Did you watch the Golden Globes awards last night? Askars looked amazing in the tux!
by svmaddict February 04, 2010
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A pimp and a nerd at the same time.
That pimp just got a 100 on his calculus test. What do you know? It's an Askar.
by Armin Ekhtiar September 16, 2003
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Durantham. In other words 'Disaster'. One who always gets into trouble even if he is on the right path. Very applicable to bike riding. Usually taking down one or more unfortunate beings with him.
"Avan oru Askar'aa." Means he is a disaster.
Askar-ism - A new form of living where one follows the path of disasters.
by askar123 October 11, 2017
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A Bastard and son of a bitch who lures people towards him/her wallowing in self-pity and taking advantage over others
Don't be an askar
by Sum1 u will never know March 08, 2018
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a dumbass cocky and fat person like to have fun and is very religious and eats everything but is smart
askar 6 *6 36
by huihi June 06, 2018
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