person 1: watch when man catches onto you brudda
person 2: snm den😂
by uk bants👩🏾‍🏭. July 19, 2022
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Another way of sayingSay No More” but abbreviated.
Karla: We finna be lit tonight!! What time are you picking me up?

Maddie: Like 11:30 pm

Karla: Snmmm
by slxywrld January 25, 2022
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random:hey we should go and get food
Random: ight snm
by shefwashaa September 25, 2023
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sanam is a persian bad ass boba eating white boy obsessed horn hair hot ass bitch and deserves more then a noodle ween so GET ON HER LEVEL
omg sanam is such a queen snm
by kyrien January 22, 2020
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Girl: Don't tell him tho
Boy: Aight snm
by Only rreall May 29, 2019
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