person 1: watch when man catches onto you brudda
person 2: snm den😂
by uk bants👩🏾‍🏭. July 19, 2022
Another way of sayingSay No More” but abbreviated.
Karla: We finna be lit tonight!! What time are you picking me up?

Maddie: Like 11:30 pm

Karla: Snmmm
by slxywrld January 25, 2022
sanam is a persian bad ass boba eating white boy obsessed horn hair hot ass bitch and deserves more then a noodle ween so GET ON HER LEVEL
omg sanam is such a queen snm
by kyrien January 22, 2020
Girl 1: Yur Such A Cow I hate You
Girl 2: Iigh SNM
by Kareesha May 16, 2008
Girl: Don't tell him tho
Boy: Aight snm
by Only rreall May 29, 2019
Say No More..
Sex N Money
Show No Mercy
Smoke N Mirrors
"I see SNM everywhere, what's it mean?"
"Check urban dictionary nigga"
by killingunicorns November 25, 2014
Gash is peng, snm.

Song XYZ by ABC is sick, snm
by SNMMAN July 3, 2010