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The most fun loving, sarcastic guy you'll ever meet. He's a real charmer, but also an absolute gentlemen. He always has great hair and a perfect smile. He's also really intense in the bedroom. An Avan is the type of person that will try to make you smile even when he's had a bad day. If you ever get an Avan, keep him!
girl: I met the sweetest guy today, I bet he's amazing in bed.
me: Oh, i bet he was an Avan, some people are so lucky!
by GirlYou'reBusted January 25, 2013
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She is the ideal girlfriend and bestfriend anyone wishes for. Avan is humble, down to earth and very generous. She can light up a room with her positive attitude to life and she always seems to find the positive aspects of everything. Avan is loving and she’s a hopeless romantic, although she knows what is right for her and skips any drama. Avan is definitely someone you will need to lighten up your world.
That’s Avan! She’s the girl everyone wants to be friend with and date.

Avan is the girl that will make you love living
by JakeTheBaller May 30, 2018
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Avan is a woman who is very lovely and amazing and beautiful. She's also very lovely. She is the best girlfriend you will ever find. With her you'll be happy forever. She's very smart and cares about people she has the nicest Personality. If you find yourself an Avan you'll be happy for your whole life.
Boy: The most loving girlfriend Avan she so kind and beautiful and lovely. I would never change her for anything in this world.
by Yo.fav.meli March 17, 2017
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A homo who's been raped by an egg and is a snake
I got avaned
by Avanisasnake July 26, 2017
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